Friday, December 30, 2005

End of the year

Granddaughter had a pretty good time at Christmas. Seven months old and we are starting her right.

She enjoyed tearing the paper off of things. After it was all done she did as expected, and liked playing with the tissue paper and boxes more than the toys and books.

Perhaps next year we can save some money by just wrapping tissue paper (sure we will).

I am enjoying a few days around the house, not doing much. Just took pictures of a few items and posted them on Craig's List. It’s just an online want add place, but no charge, so nothing lost if something doesn’t sell. Never tried selling anything there, but it’s where we went to get all the stuff in preparation for the Swedish invasion, now it’s time to sell it back. Not much, just a table and crib, but it will make room.

Wandering around the back yard – it’s a little cool, only around 60f for today’s high. We do get the desert temperature swing that was not available in San Diego – in SD the daytime high was usually only 3 or 4 degrees (F) above the nighttime low. Here in Vegas the normal swing is 25F from high to low. So if it’s 41f at night we can expect 65f or so the next afternoon. Same thing in the summer – 115f high leads to a 90f low the following night. We do have nice bright sunshine.

It might be a little cool for our ten pound Max, but he still comes out to sit in the sunshine and doze. He would rather be inside on the bed (as shown below) but he follows us around.

Here is one of my favorite winter plants –

A small grass, it’s only a foot or so high, but the seed heads sway nicely in the sunshine. I know that it is no comparison to what some areas get to enjoy for the winter.

I don’t remember anything like that – but back in Rochester we might get three feet of snow, with drifts perhaps up against the house. How about Minnesota?

I can’t let the year end without a political statement.

And ending up with our ongoing stripes series:

Feel free to print these out and put them on your favorite paper doll.

And for Clare:

1. Warm sunshine on your face.
2. A yard free of that white stuff we see on TV.
3. Anticipation of a new year with all kinds of new things available.


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