Saturday, June 09, 2012

Summer is coming

It’s warmed up here in Vegas. While Australia and New Zealand heads into winter we are enjoying the warm weather. We have already had several days of over 40c, anticipating a hot July and August when the temperatures really get high. Two organizations are building big ‘observation wheels’ on the Strip – one at the south end across from Mandalay Bay and one mid strip being built by Caesars, which has blown up a parking garage and closed down Fitzgerald’s Casino prior to tearing that down to make room. Both of these wheels will be over 150 meters (500 feet) tall and have big observation cars. So you can take your big margarita filled plastic guitar and look down on the Strip while enjoying your stay. The Smith Center for the Performing Arts recently opened, so we now have a very nice venue for concerts and events. The Broadway musical Wicked is scheduled for next month, and the symphony orchestra has already performed several times, and the ballet is scheduled. Opening night was mainly country performers including Willie Nelson, not sure why the dichotomy but the newspapers reported that a gentleman named Fred Smith loves country music and for some reason the board of directors approved that opening entertainment. In addition to the big concert hall there are several smaller rooms that are being used several times a week for smaller more intimate performances. Casinos are mainly aimed at older people with money (the over 21 crowd) but Las Vegas also tries to attract the younger crowd. Last year the Electric Daisy Carnival moved here from Los Angeles, and it appears to be a popular event. It is running for three days this weekend, with crowds of around 150,000 expected each day. It looks like a fun place to be