Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bachi Burger

A while ago Daly discussed her trip to Bachi Burger, a local restaurant in the area just south of the airport. Her descriptions made the place sound interesting, so we made a trip out there and were so pleased we’ve been back again. It’s a local burger place that offers this American staple in an Asian style. They also have steamed buns, interesting drinks and other items.

Located in the corner building of a strip mall, with a Subway shop on the other side, parking is easy and it’s convenient to most of the south valley. Not very thrilling from the outside, and rather bare on the inside

It still is a friendly place to enter. The staff members are all smiles and helpful, eager to explain the menu to new visitors. We started off with the assorted Asian pickle appetizer, an interesting combination of tastes and textures

B had one of their burgers and I opted for some tasty meat on the steamed buns along with a cone of interesting fries

Bachi Burger has a full assortment of boba teas, shakes and beers for liquid refreshment, and a few sweet desserts (which we have been too full to try). An interesting place, a good alternative to regular burgers, and a relatively inexpensive evening out. We’ll be back, and I’d recommend it.

Thanks for the referral Daly.

Monday, June 27, 2011

E graduates!

Last week E graduated from kindergarten. I didn't get to attend the ceremony, but I understand that she had a great time, and is looking forward to moving on to the first grade.
She picked out her outfit for graduation – pink of course

And afterwards they went out for a celebratory dinner at her favorite restaurant (Red Robin) where she again selected her outfit.

Princess for a day (well, for granddad that is every day). Very fetching.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weird Al

Weird Al Yankovic is an entertainer from Los Angeles. I first heard him quite a few years ago performing live with his accordion on the Doctor Demento radio show. He did a lot of remakes of Michael Jackson songs, some of my favorites include Beat It

Al's version is Eat It

And I'm Bad

becomes I'm Fat

He didn't just pick on Mike, he did some original stuff, and followed other bands, such as Nirvana

What brought Al to mind was his most recent undertaking, a Lady Gaga tribute

Not sure, but for some of them I like Al's version better.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ice Cream!

When B was up in Portland it seems she ended up taking E out quite a bit. One of the menu items that seemed rather consistent was ice cream (strange that). Available at a local small shop

And then when E hit her favorite restaurant, Red Robin, for her birthday dinner

Just came across this posted by Peter, and thought how some songs just have to be danced to, or wiggled or bounced to while singing. (as the singers were doing)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It's getting on to warmer weather here, yesterday we finally got over 100f - up to 103f (40c). Driving in I was listening to the flooding reports from the midwest, while out here we are below average for our rainfall, so far this year only .26" (6mm), 2" below our normal for this far into the year.

Tomorrow the Sahara starts its liquidation sale - more details in our local paper the REview Journal story. Looks like everything in the building is for sale, from plates through gaming tables to the hotel room furniture and bars themselves. The whole gaming floor is available, except for the slot machines which are usually only leased by the casinos.

From my ongoing series on the Cosmopolitan: one of their art walls

Friday, June 10, 2011

E Friday (smiling) and Shania

Weather seems to be the topic of discussions around the country. This week we have been relatively cool – it was funny to see the temps in DC and New York as they were ten degrees higher than ours. The report for next week shows us finally getting warm. Predictions for Wednesday show us up to 43 (110f). Usually doesn’t get that high until mid July, so after a cool spring we jump right into a very hot summer.

If you are coming to Vegas this summer there are deals on shows – Cirque Du Soleil has Summer of Cirque specials, two tickets for $100 to many of their shows, including Mystere, Ka, Love and Elvis.

The Love show at the Mirage just had it’s five year anniversary. Paul McCartney was out to kick off the first show of his new national tour and he attended the Love show, singing to some individuals (one 16 year old had Paul sing Happy Birthday to her out in the lobby) and talking to everyone.

As for entertainment – MGM just announced that they reached a deal with Shania to be one of the revolving artists at the Caesar’s Coliseum. Celine Dion is the main headliner, with Rod Stewart, Elton John and Shania rotating in on her breaks. You remember Shania don’t you? The guys mainly remember that slinky red dress

Must have been hard on those cowboys sitting in the diner for however many takes with that dancing on your table.

Last week we had E posing for the camera, this week we have her smiling for the camera.

Still cute

Monday, June 06, 2011

Monday videos - Friday

The New Zealand radio station I listen to (Zed FM) is always making fun of this song

Today they posted this one, asking if it is the worst song of all time

Someone mashed them together, and yes, it seems a little better with both of them singing along, but it's still not going on my IPod.

Friday, June 03, 2011

E Friday - posing

B was recently up in Portland to help celebrate our granddaughter’s sixth birthday. It seems that granddaughter E has become quite the fashionista; picking her own outfits for school and combining things to create new looks. She has also learned a new ‘pose for the camera’ with a little head tilt. She also selects the backgrounds, being particularly fond of pink outfits and pink flowers (of which Portland has many).

Not much more I can say about that. (yes, of course I think she’s cute, why do you even ask?)

Thursday, June 02, 2011


I always wondered how to make the perfect pancakes.

Thanks Rob.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Not hot yet

The weather has been very unusual for Vegas this Spring. It’s been cold (which is different) and windy (which is normal) and we’ve had some cloudy days. By cloudy I mean that you can see white patches up in the sky instead of plain dull blue, not that the sun is hidden. Tomorrow it’s only supposed to get up to 77f when our ‘normal’ expected high should be around 94f (33c). Doesn’t look like it will warm up until next week, and some people say they like this transition season – not me, I’m ready for it to get nice and hot.

Around the valley our Palo Verde trees are filled with yellow blossoms, and the red yuccas have flower shoots arching up. In the corner of our front yard we have both. The yuccas are the lower plants in the foreground, ours are only a few years old and so have just a few flower spikes each, as they get older and larger they will put out more spikes. The low wall protects the base from the wind, and it looks like yellow snow under the tree as blossoms fall.

Up close the flowers of each are rather pleasant.