Sunday, February 29, 2004

more snow in the mountains

Today was another sunny day. Went out to breakfast at Blueberry Hill - a 'family owned' place that makes pretty good pancakes. We usually do IHOP, but I wanted to try a local rather than the generic. Good omelet, but the hash browns were not my favorite here. As several other places do, they have a line of slot machines in the entry way, so if you are standing in line you can reach over and drop a quarter or two (or three or a few dozen). Last time we were in there was someone just sitting there playing.
Our closest grocery store is an Albertson’s. They have a slot area, with about two dozen machines. There are always several people in there playing. Enough so that the store has a full time slot person in there to give change and support.
On the way home we could see the mountains glistening, since there was nothing pressing on the schedule we just kept driving up Charleston to Red Rock. It’s only a fifteen minute drive and the hills looked so nice, getting closer and closer.
In keeping with the snow theme that’s been developing here I offer a shot of the Red Rock area with snow overhead.

This is what the Nevada desert looks like away from the strip. Lots of low brush, some grass, and yucca and Joshua trees standing about six feet high. There are mountains all around Las Vegas. If you are in a hotel on the Strip just look West and you can see this from your window.
Red Rock is aptly named – you can see a streak of the red stone towards the top of this hill. We’ll get some in the park when it warms up a little.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

snow in vegas

Today was a nice sunny day - lots of wind, which I have found is quite normal. At least the sunshine made up for the cold, but it did get to 60F this afternoon. Looking at the two pictures I put up yesterday brought to mind an event that happened a few months ago - supposedly something that Las Vegas has not seen in ten years.

These are olive trees in the yard across the street from my house on December 30. During the night we had about four inches of snow. Walking around there were lots of snowmen created in the streets - I guess it was easier to roll the snow on the smooth asphalt than on a rocky yard. This is something we didn't have in San Diego at all.

Friday, February 27, 2004

snow around the town

Starting out with my view of Las Vegas. We moved here last Spring from San Diego and I really like it. I hope to post photos daily showing my vision of Las Vegas, and what there is to do around here besides the casinos on the strip.

First day - storms came through from the coast giving us four days of rain, but almost a foot of snow in the mountains.
These are the mountains north of us, looking up my street.

And also to the west, towards Red Rock recreation area and Mt. Charleston.

Mt. Charleston is over 11,000 ft, and usually has snow most of the winter. There is a ski resort up there, with ski and snowboard trails. They make artificial snow if it doesn't come down, and it's just 45 minutes from the strip.