Sunday, April 08, 2012

Spring fixup

It’s springtime, which leads to work around the house. The weather is warming up and it will be time to swim soon, so the pool has been opened from its winter sleep and cleaned up. We think the pool was installed around 1990, we’ve been in the house ten years and found some blueprints with that date and are assuming the pool was put in at the same time. The equipment is starting to wear out, last summer I replaced the pump and yesterday I replaced the filter. Used to have a diatomaceous earth filter but I never could get the hang of how much stuff to put in and the correct cleaning cycle so I went with a cartridge filter. Of course the new filter is a different size than the old, so it took some time to cut out the old pipes and put in new piping, but everything is working now.

The water temp is only 21c, but today it was sunny and 30c, working its way up there. With the pool cover on we should have the water up to the 32c (90f) temperature I like for swimming by the end of May. So if you are in the area come on over for a dip.

B also wanted to change around the front room. We got a new carpet (I put in hardwood floors out there about seven years ago) for the sitting area, and are doing new drapes, so B picked out some new wall colors to go with the carpet and has been painting. I finally got the crown molding she wanted and put it up today.

It looks pretty good out there. Now to see what else she wants to change.