Monday, March 31, 2008


We recently had a big shoe show at the place where I work. My wife came to have lunch one day and wandered around. There wasn’t much that she really liked – she isn’t really into shoes. But there was one pair that she found different: they have a different shape to the heel. She saw an ad in yesterday’s paper that showed them (sorry for the poor quality pictures, I took shots of the newspaper advertisements.)

They have that sharp V shape underneath. Almost the same as these, but with a sharp V. So the ones below are No, the ones above are Yes.

On Friday LoraLee pointed to something that just fit. I guess that I have been missing out on Kelly, but after listening to this I immediately thought of someone out there. I’m not going to name anyone, but you know who you are (yes, I know, a lady doesn’t use language like that, but it’s the concept not the execution)

Update: Only fair that you should see what she eventually bought.

$12.95. And comfortable - she can wear them all day without her feet hurting.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

E Friday - driving

In following the tradition of Clare we return again to E Friday, where I post three photos of my darling granddaughter E, because VG really likes to look at these pics. Well, I like to look at them also.

E and Grammy did a lot of things out in the yard when she was down. After all, as E walked in the door the first day, pulled off her shoes and socks, and headed outside she said ‘it’s OK to go barefoot at Grammy’s’. One of the things they did was work in the garden. We put in our tomato plants, all the better to get a start before temps go over 100f, and the two of them pulled stuff out of the compost pile and put a nice layer around the planting bed. E really liked it because there were a lot of worms in the compost, and she really enjoyed picking the worms out and making them houses in the raised bed.

With our old pickup truck gone, E moved over to driving the old Lincoln I have parked out back. It’s a big slab sided ’65 with suicide doors if anyone is interested. Anyway, E thought this one was almost as much fun to drive as the truck was. And in this one the horn works.

I feel sorry for dad when she gets to high school. They also went shopping to the fashion outlet mall, which has those cars that you put a quarter in and they shake for a while. Nowhere near as good as the Lincoln, but more her size:

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good authors

Nothing exciting today. I was just doing my normal reading of all of the blogs listed over on the right along with a pile of other ones I haven’t added to the list and wishing that I could be as creative and explanatory as so many of you. I am always impressed with
Bossy's photo tutorials, she is really good with Photoshop (I think that’s what she uses), and often has tutorials filled with pictures and circles and arrows and maybe a paragraph on the back of each one but I can’t see the backs that are educational and informative.

All of you write very well (well, most of you) and tell interesting tales about your lives and other things. That’s why I keep going back. I would like to be able to tell stories that are as interesting as the ones I read, on the internets as well as in the books and magazines I occasionally get to pick up (at least the ones without the pictures). There are writers on several sites that I think have the most marvelous ways of telling a story, which conjure up images in my mind and make me feel like I actually was participating.

First Nation always has something interesting to say about the northwest, Wide Lawns regales us with tales of Florida and relatives,
Misty (who I’ve just recently come across) relates tales across the sea in the UK and a NY Waiter tells us tales of the restaurant. So take a few minutes, go ahead and read the stories I have pointed to, and take some time to bounce around those sites and read some other posts that are just as well written.

And here in Vegas, we are in the middle of one of the worst allergy seasons in a long time. The reason?

Out in the desert plants are located far apart, due to the low amount of water. Over time the survivors have developed a way to reproduce over distance, and that is by putting out tons of pollen. The above picture is of the tiles on my front patio, sorry you can’t see it very well, but everything is covered in layers of yellow pollen - that's all the stuff in the cracks and adhering to the raised areas. The wind blew just before the pictures so there isn’t much left, but if you walk outside your clothes get covered, there is a yellow layer on my car in the morning, and let’s not even talk about your nose.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Three things

In following the tradition of Clare we return again to three things:

1. Leaving for work in the dark, with the temperature around 48f and the sun just starting to rise behind the big hotels on the Strip directly in front of me. The large video screens are bright, showing food and entertainment options on three corners at the intersection where I wait for the light to change.
2. Most of our halls at work are empty, with the bridal show taking up about half of one hall upstairs. Downstairs it is quiet except for the hum of the lights, but I can walk amongst the booths and look at dozens of young models wearing yards and yards of satin and lace and tulle and silk and organza standing around and smiling.
3. Coming home in bright light, with the temperature up to 81f and a clear blue sky, the feathery acacia is blooming bright yellow around the yard. The big clump right next to our kitchen door fills the air with a sweet fragrance as I sit and have my afternoon coffee and read the newspaper.

And here is what the wedding show looked like. Lots of gowns, and shoes, and tiaras, and bridesmaid outfits and and and

Monday, March 24, 2008

Assorted stuff

A few weeks ago the Divine Miss M opened at Caesar’s Palace in ‘The Showgirl Must Go On’. For those of you not paying attention, Celine Dion ended her five year run at the Coliseum. For the last few years Sir Elton John has been filling in when Ms. Dion goes on vacation every few months, and he will continue in this role. But Bette will be alternating with Cher as the main headliner. It’s been talked about in the local papers – the ultimate gay destination, Bette, Cher and Elton all at the same location. OK, no stereotypes about sexual orientation, but I remember Jack on Will and Grace playing with his Cher doll.

I thought Bette would be putting on a tremendous show, but early sneak reviews of the practice performances are not too kind, but the ‘official’ start date is Feb. 29, and most performers make drastic changes to a show during the testing phase. Bette jokes about how huge the stage is, and how Celine filled it with dancers while Bette has not yet reached that size of a backup group, even though there are 22 musicians in the band. I’ve always liked her attitude, and will probably be signing up for tickets soon myself. However, at $95 to $250 per ticket I will not be seeing her too often. And yes, she will include Delores in her act. For those of you not familiar, here:

Cher is supposed to put on a great show. Most of the reviews of her recent ‘goodbye tours’ sound like there is more to her shows than her singing. It is anticipated that she will have twelve to fifteen costume changes during a show, so if it’s a 90 minute performance that severely restricts how much time she has on stage. But there supposedly will be lots of feathered dancers around Cher, as there are for Bette.

I think Elton wears lots of feathers himself, or at least lots of sequins. Cher’s tickets are in the same range as Bette’s while Elton’s are three to four times the price.

And somebody pointed to this one:

You're I, Robot!

by Isaac Asimov

While you have established a code of conduct for many generations to
follow, your demeanor is rather cold and calculating. Brought up to serve humans, you
have promised never to harm them, to follow orders, and to protect yourself. Living up
to this code has proved challenging and sometimes even drives you mad. If you were a
type of paper, you would be pulp.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

OK, back to some behind the scenes pictures today. This was the setup stage for a recent show. Downstairs we had some trucks move in to unload for that level.

While upstairs there were trucks also lined up in the hall to unload. I couldn’t get all of them in the photo, but there were about forty trucks lined up here being unloaded. There were over a hundred forklifts zipping around delivering all of those pallets around the hall. It takes a lot of coordination, as the first trucks unloaded have to have stuff for the booths farthest away, because if the close ones are delivered first then the boxes get in the way of ones further out. Overall I think it took around 200 trucks to deliver all of the exhibitor stuff for this show. Add to that another thirty or so for the show designer, with all the curtains and carpets and chairs and stuff, it all comes in over three or four days. After the show the halls are usually empty within 24 hours or so. Lot quicker to take it out than to bring it in.

This is what the hall looked like after the unloading process – piles of boxes and pallets all over, waiting for the people manning the booth to show up, take stuff out of the boxes and build their displays.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Sorry, I've been distracted. Two things: outdoor projects (but it looks like it's cooling off, more down to 'normal' - 72f is supposed to be the normal high for this time of year.

And E has been here

I think it's the hair, but doesn't she look like a 40's movie star?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

E Friday in the sunshine

In following the tradition of Clare we return again to E Friday, where I post three photos of my darling granddaughter E, because VG really likes to look at these pics. Well, I like to look at them also.

E and her mother have been down visiting for the past week. She has been enjoying the sunshine and warm weather (as compared to Portland) and our big back yard.

We’ve got a small picnic table out on the grass, and for some reason she likes to stand on it. (and dance on it, looks like she's dancing here, I think she's doing the steps she saw down on the Name Game video)

But most of all she likes the swing. Most of the blooms have fallen off the peach tree and when the wind blows it seems like a pink snowstorm out there.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Just came across this, try your hand (ok, mouse) at Art - click the mouse button to change colors.
Found at Ruth in France.

Thanks for the tip Ruth!

Oh, and she was nice enough to share one of the things that I really liked about France when we visited - cheese! I love it almost as much as Wallace. Nothing like the plastic pasteurized stuff we get here in the US.

And granddad has started E on a new dance.

That’s it, just a few quick ones for now. - Oh - Udge points out (thanks) that it's Pi day. Happy Pi day to you all! (as if that wasn't geek enough)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday videos

Back to some old music today, the stuff I remember from my college days (yes, I am that old). One of my favorite shows from way back when was the Smothers Comedy Brothers Hour (well, that’s what the sign says). For some psycodelic far out rock, Jefferson Airplane (with some young girl sounding a lot like Grace Slick) Far Out! Think I'll let my hair grow again and get a headband.

Also one of my favorites from long ago, Melanie's Brand New Key:

She played at Woodstock, and was a big part of the anti war movement (that's Viet Nam war)
Also popular at the time was Donovan. The song he did that I remember most is Mellow Yellow, but for some reason all the posted versions are marked Not Embed, so you can click on the link above to hear that one (the released version, over shots of him at Woodstock). Another big song was Catch the Wind.

I had long hair, but not quite like that (almost though). All three of these performers were at Woodstock, which unfortunately I did not get to as I was elsewhere in the world.

OK, one more Melanie (‘cause I like her) Beautiful People:

Thursday, March 06, 2008

E Friday!

Excitement! Look who showed up today!

Wearing a pink Dora hat I picked up at the show we just had, ready to play with Thomas and looking over a new book.

It’s just in time for E Friday! In following the tradition of Clare we return again to E Friday, where I post three photos of my darling granddaughter E, because VG really likes to look at these pics. Well, I like to look at them also. But since I can’t seem to count to three when it comes to E photos you usually end up with some extras.

At work I received an anxious phone call, it seemed that in the midst of our preparations for the arrival of E and her mother we forgot to hang the swing back up in the peach tree. A few minutes after arrival E had her shoes off and was wandering the back yard, wondering why granddad had forgotten her swing. So upon arrival at home after work I pulled out the ladder and put it up.

See? Still nice and pink! And rather than just provide you with three static shots, here she is in her favorite swinging position.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Spring flowers

It’s getting to be Spring here. So in response to Udge posting some photos of flowers around Germany in his early warm weather I thought I might catch up here. Oh, this is also for Flip Flop Mama and all the rest of you living in Wisconsin or Colorado and other places where it is rather cold and still white.

Last week it got rather warm towards the weekend. This was Friday out in front of the big hotel next to where I work.

They seemed to be enjoying themselves. Notice – no coats or snow boots in that shot. Saturday it got up to 79f, and I figured I would take some photos of the flowers. Put in pansies just for a few spots of color back before Christmas. They haven’t spread very far.

But the paperwhites come up on their own in assorted areas around the yard. We didn’t put these in, some past owner probably planted an Easter pot.

The feathery acacia is just starting to open its yellow buds. In a few weeks it should be a solid yellow ball.

This bush is about four feet high and wide. We have a few of these around, mixed in with the sage. The sage isn’t a Spring bloomer, they turn purple based on the humidity and will probably flower in June and again in September.

Around the rest of the yard our fruit trees are starting to flower. Two years ago we put in a weeping plum, which seems to be growing slowly but doing well with its white flowers.

A small almond tree was in the back when we moved in, not doing too well. I put a drip line around it and it has perked up. Flowers on this one are a little pink.

But the most impressive tree in our back yard is a peach. It’s probably thirty feet tall, and was in full bloom when we first looked at the house and decided to buy it. That was five years ago, and it hasn’t really had as nice a bloom in the years since. Usually the leaves start coming out before the flowers, so they get lost in the green. But this year there is no green yet.

These blooms are a nice bright pink. Very pretty close up, but stepping back a bit.

It is nice. And moving across the yard, it gets even nicer.

It should be in full bloom in a few days, and so full of blossoms you can hardly see inside to the branches. Then we can look forward to the pink snow underneath.

A lot better than the white lawns you guys talk about.