Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good authors

Nothing exciting today. I was just doing my normal reading of all of the blogs listed over on the right along with a pile of other ones I haven’t added to the list and wishing that I could be as creative and explanatory as so many of you. I am always impressed with
Bossy's photo tutorials, she is really good with Photoshop (I think that’s what she uses), and often has tutorials filled with pictures and circles and arrows and maybe a paragraph on the back of each one but I can’t see the backs that are educational and informative.

All of you write very well (well, most of you) and tell interesting tales about your lives and other things. That’s why I keep going back. I would like to be able to tell stories that are as interesting as the ones I read, on the internets as well as in the books and magazines I occasionally get to pick up (at least the ones without the pictures). There are writers on several sites that I think have the most marvelous ways of telling a story, which conjure up images in my mind and make me feel like I actually was participating.

First Nation always has something interesting to say about the northwest, Wide Lawns regales us with tales of Florida and relatives,
Misty (who I’ve just recently come across) relates tales across the sea in the UK and a NY Waiter tells us tales of the restaurant. So take a few minutes, go ahead and read the stories I have pointed to, and take some time to bounce around those sites and read some other posts that are just as well written.

And here in Vegas, we are in the middle of one of the worst allergy seasons in a long time. The reason?

Out in the desert plants are located far apart, due to the low amount of water. Over time the survivors have developed a way to reproduce over distance, and that is by putting out tons of pollen. The above picture is of the tiles on my front patio, sorry you can’t see it very well, but everything is covered in layers of yellow pollen - that's all the stuff in the cracks and adhering to the raised areas. The wind blew just before the pictures so there isn’t much left, but if you walk outside your clothes get covered, there is a yellow layer on my car in the morning, and let’s not even talk about your nose.

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