Monday, April 19, 2010

monday videos - what's popular

Some assorted videos today from radio stations I’ve been listening to. The first is one that seems to be well played almost everywhere, the most recent Lady Gaga song with the full video – music doesn’t start for a while, but the vid’s rather strange

Down in New Zealand (Zed M) this one is on fairly continuous play, I’ve heard it here once in a while, La Roux

In Sweden, (RIX FM) Eric Saade competed at the Melodifestivalen with this one, which I haven’t heard outside the country but is very popular there. If you don't live in Sweden or listen to their stations you probably have not heard it:

The French station I am listening to (Cherie FM) seems to play the same stuff as everyone else, nothing unique there.

Just came across this one. After watching some Lady Gaga videos it seemed appropriate: what if she had a real job?

Friday, April 16, 2010

E Friday - Easter

In following the tradition of Clare we return again to E Friday, where I post photos of my darling granddaughter E, because VG really likes to look at these pics.

The Easter holiday passed us by a few weeks ago. E and family colored eggs and did an egg hunt in the front yard, and mom send us some pictures. She wanted to point out that E is selecting her own outfits now, and E considers her selections to be quite stylish. B is flying up to Portland next month for E’s fifth birthday.

Here we have the drawing of images in crayon first step, used to add some patterns on the eggs. Some intense concentration going on.

We then have the coloring of eggs. Notice the left hand dunking technique in action.

And then finding them scattered around the front yard on Easter morning.

I hear she is into pink. I think the pink boots are semi-permanent fixtures on her feet these days.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Can't we just get along?

A while back I decided to stop posting all the political and heavy stuff here and instead just try to be entertaining, but every once in a while I slip, sorry about that. Today is one of those slip days. I read about this in a post by the Bloggess, and felt bad enough that I have to repeat most of her information.

Back in March ago we read a news article on a gay high school student that wanted to attend her senior prom, bringing her girlfriend as her date. It was originally reported in this newspaper article. The school district refused to let her attend, and canceled the prom. Eventually the Civil Liberties Union went to court where a judge told the district they were wrong. The judge did not order the school district to hold the prom, as supposedly the parents would put an even on and invite the girls.

Well, it ends up that the prom was held last week and the two girls attended, but found out they were sent to an alternate prom with only seven other students, while the rest of the school attended the real prom elsewhere. This was reported in an Advocate article. The story was repeated in the Huffington Post and in another story about the fake prom.

I was talking with B about this over dinner, and her immediate question was 'down South?'. Sorry to day she was right, it's in Mississippi. Sorry for those who live there, but I still picture the movie Easy Rider whenever I think of the South. And that’s after eight months living in Memphis and traveling around a bit, so to me, yes, the South. But from other stories it seems this kind of stuff happens all over. The military 'don't ask don't tell' policy is also a bunch of crap, continued by the same small minded mentalities at higher levels and in Congress.

I find it difficult to understand people, especially those that have such closed minds that they cannot accept that not everyone is just like them. Whether it is religion or sex or color or home state or favorite sports team, there will always be someone that does not think or act like you do. The world is a nicer place because of diversity, and at times I do run across things that bother me, but I feel everyone has a right to their beliefs, as long as they don't infringe on someone else. If you don't like something just turn around and walk away and stay in your safe world, don’t try to force others to think like you do - that never works out.

Can’t we just all get along?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Videos - the 60's

Back to 1965 – I won’t ask what you were doing back then (especially not you DA)

Righteous Brothers

The Seekers

Chad & Jeremy

Manfred Mann

OK, can’t forget these guys

All songs that explore the true meaning of life.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Three Friday things

Three things for Friday:
1. Learning new things. I like to expand my thinking, see new things and get to investigate. Working with computers provides lots of opportunity to find new stuff, as the industry is continually moving. This week I am learning about Microsoft Project Server and SharePoint Services, two things I had known nothing about.

2. Springtime in Las Vegas. We are in what B calls the ‘yellow season’ because all of the plants that have yellow flowers are blooming now. The air smells fresh and clean, the yellow flower fragrances are crisp. It is sunny (well, our default) and around 80f (27c) this weekend. Purple season follows when it starts to get hot. (no, 80 is not hot, 80 is Spring)

3. The internets. If I have a question about anything I can find an answer (or 20 different answers). Watching a TV show we wonder who that actor is, and in a few minutes IMDB lists all his other activities and YouTube brings up clips. I can read the thoughts of others, and get to vicariously share in their hopes and fears and dreams. Thanks.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Paris video

I haven’t posted videos in a while, so thought I would throw up some that I liked.

A number of years ago we spent a month in France. I really liked Paris, and the whole country, and wish that I was able to live there. I thought it an exciting vibrant place, full of nice people, good museums, and great food. Recently Rob posted a video by Janis Ian, a singer I remember from a long time ago, that fit my mood:

When we were driving around France most of the music was by French singers, but once in a while they would have something in English. We heard one very often, ‘Sex Bomb’, but I never was able to understand the announcers when they said who the singer was. We finally made it back to Paris and I caught French MTV which listed the singers in subtitles. I was surprised to find this was by someone else I remembered from years ago.

He still comes to Vegas periodically, as does someone from the same period: Engelbert Humperdink. To keep the 70’s alive, here is another singer from back then I haven’t heard in a while, on one of my favorite shows, Sesame Street.