Monday, January 02, 2006

How I spent New Year's Eve

Just a quiet Saturday. I was sleeping part time (still trying to overcome this cold) and alternating with working on a customer’s program changes. The kids came over for our evening festivities.

I busied myself in the kitchen baking another batch of chocolate chip Tollhouse cookies (with cranberries and raisins – yum) while the group sat nearby watching the tellie. Son in law (oh, hurts to say that) had set up the video camera on Christmas day to first film Eli at home (for the full hour and a half tape length) then sitting at our house (another hour and a half tape). So there was a three hour video session watching Eli sitting on Christmas morning.

I’m sorry, she is cute, but when gatherings turn to watching Eli sit and burp it becomes a little much. But then our New Year’s Eve celebration becomes three hours of watching video of Eli sit and burp it really is too too too much. Sorry, but I don’t remember ever being this bad when the kids were little.

After I delayed by cooking for long enough, then washing up, I just went into my office and worked on the computer. I just will not sit and watch hours of Eli in person, much less hours on tape. Guess I am viewed as a non-loving grandparent, but please, get a life besides the kid.

Last week we watched DGD (Darling Grand Daughter) on a Friday evening while kids went to a company Christmas party. Daughter phoned every half hour to check in, was told Eli’s sleeping. When they get here at eleven they find Grandma sitting holding Eli on the couch. She was starting on a sore throat, we could just hear a little rasp when talking (OK, making noise). Daughter immediately having a fit – ‘why did you say she was sleeping when she wasn’t – we would have left the party and came over’. OMG, come on, so she wasn’t sleeping. Out comes the ever on hand thermometer and Eli has a 99.2 F temp. OK, 98.6 is an AVERAGE normal. She is .6 f over. This lead to a trip to urgent care to see a doctor. (no, not us, they went after leaving, not telling us until the next day). Sitting for four hours in the waiting room to see a doctor, wondering why these people were keeping her desperately ill child from the care she deserved. Doc said ‘virus – take her home to sleep, nothing we can do’. And we wonder why health insurance costs are so high, why there is such a wait in urgent care?

Back to NY Eve. After the tapes ran out we shifted to a movie – B wanted to see the Dark Crystal. Always time for a muppet movie (OK, not the Muppets, but a Jim Henson movie). Most of the movie was spent playing with Eli (not me) and as soon as it was over (at 8) off the crew went, home to take care of her. Some diaper filling problems (oh the things discussed with a new first kid) and discussions of another trip to Urgent Care. Come on, kids poop.

We flipped channels, and were slipping away, so off to bed at 10:30. New Years still came without us. Yes, the exciting life of an old married couple. No house full of people, no night out on the strip, no high priced Ultra Lounge, to watch Paris Hilton cavort. Somehow I would rather spend the evening the way we did.

Reading other posts, it sounds like parties were attended, friends were visiting, and good times were had by many. I hope you all have a nice coming year. I say nice, but hope for tremendous for you all.

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