Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Swede prep

I’ve still got some pictures floating around from November, so I thought that they might as well get posted here. Besides, DM gets kind of disturbed if I don’t post things frequently so she has something to read. (Hi Dana!)

Those of you that know what these are for, well, sorry that you do. But this was part of our preparation for the Swedes, and we found that some of these items were very useful.

We’ve got lots of bookshelves and built in cabinets around the place. The last owner seemed to have a thing for oak, and had a lot of built-ins put up when they added on to the house. We aren’t an ‘oak’ style family, and will probably start taking some of them out. But the above item was very useful, and we found the one cabinet that we did not treat was quickly found. It’s not fancy, but it worked.

These things, however, were thankfully never really noticed.

I guess some kids love to find places to stick things, but the boys didn’t seem to care.

We put some foam around our front room coffee table, and these things on the corner of the fireplace.

With eighteen month olds not walking very well we thought the stone corners would be encountered, but they seemed to walk well enough that it didn’t matter. Adam quickly peeled off the foam and these things too. We did have to run out and get some latches for the kitchen cabinets and drawers, Axel liked to pull open drawers and throw stuff on the floor. I guess there is some kind of fascination with items being put away neatly.

I did take off the latches, but we soon will be needing them again. Our daughter is on break, so we haven’t seen Eli for a few weeks. Daughter teaches third grade at a year-round school, and gets three to five weeks off every quarter. She took Eli up to Canada for two weeks, so the other grandparents can enjoy her. We are expecting crawling to commence fairly quickly, dad is trying to teach here to walk (a little early for seven months) and mom is teaching crawling. I think they should appreciate the fact that she just lays there, as soon as she can get around they will find out how non-kidproof their house is.

Right now we’ve got her confined to a jumper, which she seems to enjoy.

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