Thursday, January 12, 2006

No great ideas

Reading the paper last week I came across one that I found particularly appropriate.

I work in the credit card department of a bank, supporting computer programs for our customer service reps and collections reps. The customer service reps take incoming phone calls, and a different group processes applications. The collections reps place outgoing calls to people with overdue payments. I’m sorry to say that some of our reps might just fit with this cartoon. It is frustrating to get a complaint about a program not working right, investigate it, then show the rep that clicking on the SAVE button instead of the CANCEL button would record information on his phone call. You look here to find regular Dilbert cartoons. A nice alternative is the Dilbert Blog where you can find SCOTT Adams’ (thanks Rob, looks like I can't even read the name on the strip) words. He’s fairly amusing on most of his posts. Guess that’s why he makes so much money – interesting attitude.

I think I posted this one before, but after the recent Christmas holiday season, and all of the interesting religious arguments going around, it seemed appropriate.

And for Clare:

1. Bright orange red sunrises.
2. Getting into a cold car in the morning and having the heater finally warm you up.
3. Having your friendly little dog sit with you and breakfast and showing you out no matter how early you leave.

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