Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Can't thing of anything to say (again)

Thinking of something to say, but nothing exciting comes to mind (better get that camera out again).
Stop me if you’ve heard these before.

A priest, a rabbi and a minister walk into a bar. A duck, sitting at the bar, hops off his stool and walks out saying ‘looks like I’m in the wrong joke’. (ba-da-bum)

And one prompted by somebody’s recent post, who I will not mention.

A little old lady goes to her doctor for a checkup. As he is finishing up the doctor asks her if she has any other problems. She replies, “yes, I have a problem with gas. I’m always passing gas, but it does not bother me because it is quiet and does not smell, so nobody notices. As a matter of fact, I’ve been doing it the whole time I’ve been in here. But it would be nice if it didn’t happen.” The doctor thinks for a while, then writes her a prescription, telling her to take two pills a day and come back in two weeks.
Two weeks go by, and she is again at the doctor’s office. He asks how things are, and she replies “still have the gas, still quiet, but now it smells really bad.” The doctor thinks for a while, then says “OK, now that we have your sinuses cleared up let’s work on your hearing.” (ba-da-bum)

And for Clare:

1. Having friends around that make you think, and sometimes laugh, even if it’s at yourself.
2. Twinkling Christmas lights on the cubicles around work. It’s not quite as much as the casinos on the strip, but still blinky.
3. Thinking of a flaming rum punch (OK, watching Wonderful Life again) and Christmas Pudding (yes, Scrooge). I’ve never tried either, but both conjure up thoughts of interesting tastes.

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