Thursday, December 15, 2005

Another offer!

Your present homeloan makes the grade for you to receive generous revenues.

Our service will reconcile you with the most adept broker, so that you will have more dollars in your statement at the end of each month.

Its really that simple..

Myriads of Americans are Re-Fi-Nancing their dwellings every day.

Now its your time.

This short 1 minute form will be your next action towards categorical financial security.

With warmest regards,

Rachel Guthrie

And for Clare
1. Getting marvelous unexpected offers that will take me towards categorical financial security.
2. Thinking about all the options I have.
3. Realizing just how easy it is to send out millions of solicitations, and if only one tenth of one percent answer you could still get rich (robbing that little percentage blind).

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