Thursday, December 08, 2005

John, thanks for the memory

Thanks for the reminder (boy, lots of people coming up with things that I forgot, thanks to you all) to lorum ipsum. Today is the anniversary of John Lennon’s death. I don’t remember the Beatles first coming here, but I do remember their songs while in high school, and watching the Yellow Submarine when it first came on while I was in college. Sorry, John. Lorum says it very well.

PBS radio was doing a segment on John this morning, listening while driving in. They were playing an interview he did on the Dick Cavett show, just after John’s thirtieth birthday. He was remembering back when he was 25, and at that point thinking that he didn’t want to be playing ‘Sunshine’ when he was 30. At that point he wanted to move on. This resulted in a big discussion of the Beatles being an old group full of old me, still on stage playing all the oldies. What flashed through my mind was the poster for the Rolling Stones, coming back in March for another concert. In San Diego several years ago they came to the stadium with their ‘Steel Wheels’ tour, and the DJs there were calling it the ‘Steel Wheelchairs’ tour. Guess they pull in enough that the money is worth it, nobody ready for Branson (or a Vegas Casino spot) yet. (Not to put down Elton John, with his regular Caesar’s Palace spot, or the performers in Branson).

Scroll down to her Dec 6 posting with it’s Chanukah tribute.

Time for some fall Vegas shots. The freeze last weekend (frozen fountain shots somewhere below) also hit our tomatoes.

We still had quite a few green ones ripening on the vine – we get tomatoes here until they freeze. Down in San Diego we didn’t get so cold, and so had tomatoes all winter, usually pulling out the vines when we put new ones in around April.

Also in our backyard, the peach tree is losing it’s leaves, and the ash trees are turning a nice deep purple. (not as pretty as Lorum’s suit, but nice).

And these leaves are falling also – so I get to walk through crunchy fall leaves in our backyard too. At least I can still walk through them, without brushing aside the white stuff most of the north has now.

And for Clare:

1. Having friends that appreciate things.
2. Being able to remember things from long ago, and enjoy them all over again. (sing along – ‘We all live in a yellow submarine . . “
3. Bright red and pink and orange sunrises (but not having to be up that early to see them).

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