Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Pearl Harbor Day

Well, thanks for the reminder from Virginia Gal. Today is December 7, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. I wasn’t around, but having a father in the Navy during WW2 and a father-in-law with Pearl Harbor stories I do have other’s memories. But what are we supposed to remember, the unpreparedness of our military, the shortsightedness (lots of ness’s) of our government, or beware of the ‘evil enemy’? I hope it’s to remember the lives lost. At least back then we went to war with the country that actually attacked us.

On the same post she also listed – ten unusual things about myself, things you might not know or think about me. That’s a hard one, I’ve been writing here for a while. But then, it would take a lot more posts to list all the things I’ve done. So I’ll base a lot of these on hers:

1. I don’t swear like a sailor, even though I have been one. In conversation I rarely ever say a naughty word.
2. I watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” every time it comes on, though I don’t own the video.
(well, that’s as far as comparisons go, no New Kids on the Block posters)
3. I would love to sell everything and move to France (sorry Johnny, not Portugal). Only went there on one trip, but I loved it all. (well, maybe if I ever visit Portugal I’d change my mind)
4. I always watch “Pulp Fiction” when it comes on, but really only to see John Travolta do the Twist. I love his moves.
5. I rather liked being in the Navy, and would have reenlisted and become a ‘lifer'if I hadn’t been accepted to college. (cue “In the Navy” as background music) (I almost always have background music playing in my head - oh, that could be another one).
6. My favorite movies to watch are the old Busby Berkeley musicals – “Golddiggers of ’33 (Ere whay in hay the oney may!)”, “Forty second Street” “Footlight Parade” – just waiting for them to come out on DVD. Oh, throw in the Fred and Ginger dances too.
7. I used to spend hours on the computer at home, but since we moved and my office is in the house I can go days without turning on the machine.
8. I spend WAY too much time on this type of stuff at work. Surprised my boss hasn’t screamed yet. Must mean the rest of what I do overcomes it.
9. I throw in quotes from old movies and skits during conversations, and almost no one notices (or they are too kind to say anything) and fewer recognize them. Firesign Theatre is a favorite (how does he make his voice do that?)
10. Next week is my thirtieth wedding anniversary. (Wow, how can anyone stand me for that long?) (yes DM, to the same person. Not three years each in ten marriages.)

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