Thursday, December 01, 2005

Last of the Swedes

Ok, last of the Swede pics. I was going through the camera last night and found some that were interesting.

Here are the guys with their morning yogurt. Guess soft yogurt is popular for kids, while dad is used to a ham and cheese sandwich with butter for breakfast.

The day before Thanksgiving was a relatively warm day, for non-Nevadans that is. Air temp was around 72f, water temp was about 68f, which evidently is very similar to what these guys have during the summer at one of the lakes they go to. So with the bright sunshine it seemed like a summer day in Sweden. I like my pool temp around 92f, so it was a little cool for me.

And this last Tuesday a cold front came down from Alaska. Instead of 72f high and 50f low we dropped about twenty degrees. Tuesday morning it was around 30f, and our front yard fountain showed it.

Wednesday was a little warmer, but still some ice. This morning it was a 40f low, but only a 62f high. That seems to be about the predicted temp range for the next week. Looks like winter is here – well, this is the Vegas winter. I know Houston is still nice and warm, and DM don’t even talk about what you are going through, you chose to live there.

I’m here because of the nice bright sunshine, which we usually have every day. I can put up with this cold as long as it is bright. I remember winters in Rochester, NY, when the lake affect cloud cover came in around October and we next saw the sun in April. No thanks.

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