Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas decorations

No generic holiday season around here.
We put up our tree, actually Bobbie put it up and filled it with many little lights. In San Diego we had so many lights on the tree that our December electric bill went up $120. But we had a big tree, and many lights. Most of the houses on our street really went out and filled the front of their houses with lights and decorations. We just had a really big arched window with the tree behind, so we lit it every evening. And it did light up the street way out in front of the house.

The tree here was smaller, and we just expanded and purchased a five footer. And lots of additional lights. B likes the little round ball lights, so we hit Target and purchased another five 100 light strings to fill in the lower six inches.

We filled up one of those power strips, what's plugged in are extension cords that run up to the middle of the tree. So each of these have three strings plugged in, plus strings plugged end to end. I don't want to estimate how many little lights are on this thing.

But it does sparkle prettily.

At work they are having a cube decoration contest again. With each group trying to outdo the next.

I am particularly impressed with our help desk techs.

They filled their tree with CDs, memory cards, mice and other sundry electronic components. And topped with the box from a 160gb hard drive and a CD triangle. Of particular note is the fireplace screensaver playing below.

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