Friday, December 02, 2005

Back to the local news

Ok, enough of those furriners. Let’s get back to grandkids.

If you thought those toys I filled my house with were just for the visitors, well

But she shares, so if you want to come over and build things with the Legos and drive trucks through then come on by.

Driving a few days ago I was at a traffic light and looked up to find some work being done on one of our ever popular cell phone towers.

You can see what the Vegas skyline looks like away from the strip, kind of like every other US city, lots of power lines. Regular cell tower to the left, now the concept is to put plastic fronds around them and pretend it’s a big tall palm tree. Finally caught somebody actually doing it.

And for Clare:

1. Watching little kids play. Eli seems to like waving paper towels around instead of the toys.
2. Joining the kids in play. Somehow it is rather mind numbing.
3. Watching other people do the work.

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