Monday, December 26, 2005

Day after Christmas at work

We had a nice Christmas. Youngest son drove out in his pretty new yellow car from San Francisco. I got a new version of the flu and spent the last four days in bed, sitting here at work because I just HAD to come and fix something, wondering why I’m still not back there sleeping. Seems like 96% of the company employees took off this week, so it is nice and quiet.

It seems like the preferred method of entertainment at my house has shifted over to the ‘let’s watch the seven month old and get excited whenever she blinks’ mode. We usually have a big Christmas Eve meal, then just do leftovers on Christmas day. When small the kids would be filled with stocking treats and not want to eat anyway. This year we did a Honey Baked Ham – those are about the best thing around, if you like ham. Just nice (and NO COOKING) and lots of leftovers for sandwiches. So I had an easy cooking day. When in late afternoon we found ourselves all waiting for Eli’s next burp (OK, she is cute, but come on, there is still a world out there) I was rather happy to say ‘I’m still feeling sick, off to bed for me’ and getting to leave. Quick Joe, change the topic.

OK, on to the two kids left at home. I put a shot of Buster in a short while ago. Also a lot of house interior shots. I did not post any pics of our bedroom. It is one of the rooms that we haven’t gotten to for remodeling yet. We’re still trying to figure out the closet and bathroom stuff, and just what to do. Besides, all the extra furniture shifted to our room when setting up for the guests, so it’s just a ight crowded. But here’s a pic of our bed.

You can see the nice headboard we made – B covered it with a nice cloth that matches the pretty bedspread and the pile of pillows that we sometimes put on when making it nice. But if you look closely in the middle you can almost see why it does not always look so nice. And why we have such a plain sheet thrown on top of everything. It’s that black spot in the middle.

Why, it’s Mr. Maxie. You can make out his ears, even if his nose is burried under his paws. He likes laying on my pillow. Max knows that he is number one when I’m not around, and if I wasn’t bigger than him he probably would assume that all the time. One more reason to get small dogs – a lot easier to kick across the room if they try to make trouble.

But Max and Buster have been spending more time locked in the bedroom. Our daughter just knows that Max would bite her precious Eli if allowed near her, so they get exiled whenever the group comes over. I’ve been joining them these past few days, and looks like I better take off early today and do some more time there before I pass out here at work.

So not pretty shots of the Christmas group here today, sorry. I’ll leave you one of a recent sunset, while sitting at the light a few evenings ago waiting to turn past the end of the airport.

Along with a nice blob on the windshield. But I come in to nice golden sunrises each morning, and loverly pink sunsets on the way home each night. All daylight hours being spent here at work. With the jet stream curving south during the winter we have a lot of high clouds, but usually bright afternoon sun and no precipitation. Christmas eve it was up to 72f in our back yard. A little cooler right now, but still not those white lawns that seem so popular in the north around now.

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