Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving weekend

Of course, we couldn’t let the biggest shopping weekend of the year go by without hitting the malls. We bypassed ‘black Friday’ and waited until today to go, and were rewarded with fairly pleasant shopping. We first hit Meadows mall, because they had a Penny’s and B wanted some things there, and a Dillard’s, again because of some items on sale. We then went over to the Fashion Show Mall for some stores that I wanted to hit.

You might remember the Fashion Show Mall – it’s right in the middle of the Strip, across from Wynn’s. They have fashion shows in the middle. Well, no fashion shows this weekend.

This is the main Christmas tree, located on top of the little room that pops up for the shows.

Behind it was the mall Santa. Sitting for pictures with kids.

But there was an show every hour. Being this season it started with some commercials, then went into a little video introduction, and the entrance of Santa. First people were waiting.

Then the little room and runway started to rise. Santa didn't come in a sleigh; he came in a red Cadillac convertible with Elvis driving.

And Santa and his helpers appeared – this being Vegas he didn’t pop up with elves, but with some long legged blonds.

(Notice the hand of the guy in front)

And of course they had to put on a little song and dance number.

But being the mall and not one of the clubs that’s as far as it went.

Happy shopping.

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