Thursday, November 09, 2006

Last Halloween pics

OK, I’m trying to follow Lisa and several others suggestion of posting every day. Quite a few of the people listed to the right are doing quite well on this. Most of them are being nice and consistent in their postings, but I noticed that I am really jumping around here; from things to do in Vegas to Halloween to E to three things to political rants. I guess if you want variety you can come on by anytime.

Let’s go back to some of the Halloween pictures. Since it’s been over a week we might as well finish up those pics.

Two of the nicest costumes were hand made. One girl from the Risk group put a lot of time into creating Tweety Bird in a cage.

I wasn’t able to get a full shot, but she did have Tweety’s feet. If you look closely you can see little white spots scattered on the newspaper in the cage.

The Fallen Angel also looked like it took a lot of work. I don’t know how she was able to function in that tight long dress with the wings all day.

And for Dana, here’s what I did last year. Nothing fancy, just some face paint. (Hey D, ever watch the Killer Klowns movie?)

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