Saturday, November 25, 2006


Deana asked about the courtyard, well, here it is with the base down.

Now all I've got to do is put up the overhead. The wall behind the spider is our garage, and the big window - 10' wide - will be cut down into French doors, so that we can come outside from our front room. The spider was made by the son of a friend. We're big on doors - I put one in the breakfast area - it also started out as a window. It's pretty easy to take out a window and put in a door - all the structural work is already done for you.

And there were some nice ones in the back room and our bedroom already.

Just to the right of the big window is our front door.

And this is what the front room looks like, with the dining area behind and the kitchen through the door. That big window is to the left.

When we moved in the front room was all carpet, with that step down area that was popular forty years ago. We leveled it out (well, my carpenter son took two days to level it out) and put down the Pergo floor. The front door was solid, with kind of picture frame squares on it, I cut the slots and put in the glass to make it a little brighter right in there.

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