Monday, November 13, 2006


Second post – yes, making up for yesterday. I’m sitting here at my desk having one of those moments that I have to stop and think about.

I’ve got a bag of pistachios sitting in my desk drawer. I got them from my local Von’s supermarket two or three weeks ago, when they were having a two for one promotion. One was consumed at home, the other sits here. I grab a handful periodically when I feel like a short break.

Putting the handful on a sheet of paper on my desk, I proceeded to split the shells and eat the salty flavorful nuts. Working on a second handful I open one and as I’m about to pop the green nut in my mouth I look down at the shell sitting on the page and see a little green worm crawling around inside. Oh, I think. Maybe that’s the only one – but then I see another little green worm crawling around on the paper. Oh my.

The tag on the bag says ‘Sunkist California Pistachios’, best by 05/30/2007. I think of all of those bags piled up near the beer in Vons, and look at the half full bag now sitting in the trash can under my desk wondering how long it takes for those little green worms to hatch.

Well, sushi is raw fish, how bad can raw little green worms be?

---- Update
I emailed the above post to my wife (she doesn't read this). When I got home she told me that she really laughed when reading it, until realizing she was the one that finished off that bag of pistachios at home. And shopping at Von's last night, the big pile of pistachios was still there, being replenished.

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