Thursday, November 02, 2006

Back to NYNY

Also have to put up pictures once in a while. Several people have commented on the New York New York resort. I like the activity of the real city, and think that the Vegas version is nice. Instead of a dull square tower the builders went for the skyscraper skyline, and I think they did a pretty good job. Wandering around inside also feels different than most other casinos, with trees and more art deco stuff, and a high ceiling. The old style casinos have low ceilings, I guess to make things feel more intimate, but some of the newer ones give you room. I like art deco and Nuevo, so the feel inside is more of NY in the 20s. – I also included some pictures posted back in May.

I usually approach the place from the parking garage, so my view entering is a little different than visitors coming from the Strip side.

Here you can see the pool out back and part of the roller coaster. Looking off to the right you can see the Excalibur across Tropicana.

Walking inside you go past the check in counters.

More art deco influence here.

A little further, you walk through the slots and tables, under the trees as if you were in central park.

We went to see Rita Rudner, who has since moved to a different hotel. The entrance to her room was off the main room.

Sitting during her show was interesting; you could hear the roller coaster going by overhead, kind of sounding like the old NY El going past.

We dropped somebody off at the airport early one morning, and thought we’d stop for breakfast on the way home. Never having stopped there, I thought of the NYNY coffee shop.

There is a big stylized map of the US stretching across one wall, something to look at while waiting. It was OK, nothing tremendous in the way of food, a little expensive but probably average for a big Strip place. Guess I should stick to the locals places, hmm, perhaps I should try some more.

If you want to go to their site, it’s New York New York. I do like the elevators scattered around, seems like you are really going up into the skyscrapers, anybody have shots of the hotel rooms? And the little wandering streets attached to the casino, where you can wander off to a small cafĂ© and other stores.

OK Lisa and several others, that’s two days in a row. I’ll try a post a day for November, hopefully even if it’s just a small one. (we’ll see how long this lasts)

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