Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Shopping lunch

On Sunday when we went shopping at the Fashion Show mall we stopped for lunch at one of my favorite lunchtime places, the coffee shop up in Nordstrom’s.

I don’t know if the Nordstrom’s chain is scattered across the country yet, they started in Seattle as a shoe store and have spread across the west. The stores are now big department stores, like Sears and Penneys and Macys but with a lot higher ‘class’ (and prices). They still have a marvelous shoe department, one of the few that carries the in style shoes in the hard to find sizes: wide, big, narrow, etc.

Usually each store has a grand piano near the escalators on the main floor, and on weekends have somebody sitting down there playing. This was unusual for San Diego; to have live music instead of Musak. Nordstrom also trains their sales people to be helpful – really amazing – and they all seem to know everything about their stores. So if B finds a dress she likes the sales person would run around the store and get a belt that would match, and a purse, and scarf and even shoes or a jacket. Guess it’s good for sales, instead of just buying one thing you now can get a complete outfit.

Another thing I liked was that there are lots of soft chairs scattered around. If you go to the ladies department of most stores you will usually find the accompanying husbands just wandering around, or they take off for the tv department. Well, in Nordy’s you’ll find the guys in chairs waiting. Much better. Again, probably good for sales because I’ll usually say “why don’t you get both?”

Most stores also have a nice coffee shop up on the top level. The one in SD near our house had a full restaurant, but it closed a while ago. Guess the mall food shops didn’t like the competition. But at the Fashion Show the coffee shop is rather pleasant.

You walk down a cafeteria type line and select what you want and pay for it, then it’s brought to your table. The menu is only soups and sandwiches and salads, but it’s all pretty good. We usually get their tomato basil soup and the pear-walnut salad with blue cheese. B has had enough turkey, and wanted the steak pannini sandwich also.

It’s a nice quiet place to sit, the waiters are quick to fill up your ice tea or coffee, and no one rushes you.

A follow on to Lisa and several others, I’ve been trying a post a day for November, hopefully even if it’s just a small one. Two more days to go, but I’m off to San Diego tomorrow with no computer, so we’ll see if I can make it.

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