Saturday, November 04, 2006

Halloween pumpkins

Last Tuesday was Halloween. At work I sponsored another pumpkin carving contest. We’ve got about twenty programmers and technical people at the bank. Most of the programmers are grouped together in cubicles in one room, which we share with people from the Risk and Marketing departments.

Last year the three departments went together on a carving contest, and we had about a dozen pumpkins entered. This year I talked to some of the people on the “Spirit Committee” for the Operations department, and they too decided it might be nice. The Spirit Committee tries to arrange activities to motivate people. I guess when you are stuck on the phone for eight hours calling people about paying there bills it is a challenge to stay motivated through all the negative responses.

This year our group had four pumpkins besides mine. The operations group, with about four hundred employees, had a dozen. Not a very good turnout. Guess people were involved in other things.

Here were our entries.

The ones on the left were really nicely carved, knowing how hard pumpkins can be this probably took quite a bit of time, but the results were nice.

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