Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Eastern mountain

Just a short one today. It’s getting colder here – no, no snow yet (it has snowed every winter since we’ve moved here) but definitely lower temps than our summer 110f. A cold front that is bringing some nice snow to the rockies is intruding down into Nevada, and this morning it was 38f and tonight it’s scheduled to drop down to 29f. Daytime temps are still up around 60f. I displayed some E pics in her cold weather gear down below, but found a shot from a few months ago hanging around.

This is a flower called a ‘naked lady’. Probably because the flower stalk comes out after all the leaves die back. I think it’s a type of lily. But we brought these bulbs from San Diego, where they were all over the yard and doing quite well. It was popular back in the 20’s when our SD house was built, so the bulbs probably were planted back then and are still doing well. This shot was from July – but they bloomed again in October. Green leaves come out in the spring, die back when it gets hot, the plants bloom, then leaves come back and die back when it starts getting colder, in time for another bloom. The blooms are gone now, but the lantana is still full of yellow flowers, and the rosemary has lots of little blue blooms.

We still have other plants blooming around the yard now. A lot of desert plants wait until it’s colder, or until the winter rains come along to bloom.

I was driving to the northeast side of town last Friday near sunset and thought our eastern mountains looked rather pretty, catching the about to be gone sunset.

This is called sunrise mountain, probably because in the summer the sun rises behind it. It used to be way out east, now the city has expanded out to it and there are houses running up the slope.

OK, I’ll give you one E shot. Back a few weeks ago when she was working with grandma to rake up the leaves.

A follow on to Lisa and several others, I’ve been trying a post a day for November, hopefully even if it’s just a small one. One more day to go, but I’m off to San Diego this afternoon with no computer, so we’ll see if I can make it back in time to post.

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