Monday, November 12, 2007

Wow! O'Farrell!

It's not St. Louis, and this keyboard on my company laptop is a piece of cr@p, but it's cloudy and raining and the mud is sticky. I hear it rained in Vegas too, so I'm not missing much.

My class is going OK, I am managing to stay awake (almost,usually) and listening to the instructor. Unfortunately, as we expected, this class is not very technical and it's going over things we have already done. But I got to see beautiful O'Farrell and find out again how bad it is to go through airport security.

Tell me, do you people really feel that all of those checkpoionts, taking off your shoes, not being able to take your shampoo, all really make you feel safer? You do realize that the 9/11 hijackers would have passed all of these security checks, don't you? Their weapons were put on the planes by cleaners (supposedly, depending on your source) and not carried on. So what the heck, if all of this cr@p would not have made a damn bit of difference, why are we doing it now? How many millions of dollars, and man hours, (sorry, person hours) are lost for this? Is it just psychological, and is it working? I have only done it once, but it's time for a letter to my congressman, as if that makes any difference in the world. But I do know that I have skipped flying, and bypassed several trips and vacations because of my dislike for the entire procedure.

What's the matter with you people? Is the world that bad that you have to feel more secure via this stuff?

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