Friday, November 09, 2007

Udge's three

I usually read most of the blogs listed to the right on a semi-daily basis, depending on what else is happening and how long some of the posts are. One of these is a gentleman from Germany named Udge. Udge has introduced me to a great time waster called Second Life (more on that one in the future) and has come up with an interesting meme. Instead of asking people to answer a list of questions, the first three commenters to sign up for the meme here and post the same promise on their blogs will receive a smallish present-thingy from me at some point during the next 366 (leap year!) days. Note that this will require informing me of your real-world identity and address, so those intent on secrecy and anonymity should probably refrain from joining in. I will probably get things out a little early, perhaps in time for this Christmas, unlike Udge who seems overwhelmed with projects the end of the year, and most likely the gifts will have a Vegas theme. If you wish to join in list yourself and email me your mailing address. DM - if you sign up again I guarantee you will get something clown related.

Sorry D, easier explination:
1. sign up here (in the comments)
2. On your site, offer this deal to the first three people to sign up with you
3. Email me your real name and mailing address
4. I will send you a little Chrismas gift
5. When people sign up on your site, they also have to offer, and you will send them a little Christmas gift.
6. I have no idea what 'little Christmas gift' means. You decide. You will find out when I figure it out and send something to you.

The idea is rather than spreading questions and information you will spread a little Christmas (or Hanuka or Quanza or . . ) seasonal cheer. Eventually the entire world will have signed up and mailed each other stuff, thus keeping the post office in every country happy and employed. Kind of an inverted Amway thingy but you are giving not selling.

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