Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday in O'Farrell

Sorry, I missed videos yesterday, and can't find my doggie pics for dogs on Tuesday. But I just noticed that D didn't put up any cats, today she switched to squirrels, probably not much of a change, both are fuzzy and really don't care for people except for the food.

Having a great time in class, I wasl almost able to stay awake today, but I did learn some critical things right at the end of the day, so it looks like it was worth it coming here. I fly back home in the morning, we'll see what security at the St. Louis airport is like.

It is still difficult to get used to it getting dark so early, but perhaps that will give me some light for my early morning drive to the airport. Back in LV my morning drive has changed due to the daylight savings clock change, I now get to drive in after the sun is up. It's now over to the right, past the Venetian towers and not right in my eyes.

Took this one a few weeks ago from the front yard when picking up the morning paper.

Sunsets here are nice and orange, but didn't see one tonight due to the clouds. Oh well, that's it for here.

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