Sunday, November 25, 2007

Holiday shopping crowds

I was able to avoid going shopping on Friday, supposedly the busiest shopping day of the year, but was not able to avoid going out today. I don’t really like crowds, but put up with them during the holiday season just because it’s the holiday season. I remember going shopping with a friend many years ago; Christmas was on a Sunday, and we went out on Saturday, Christmas Eve. It was in New York City, and we hit all the big stores: Macy’s, Gimble’s, and several others. We ended up seeing what she wanted back at Macy’s, which was our first stop to start the day. We spent two and a half hours in the checkout line. Yes, quite a crowd.

This morning we got out of the house a little late. On Friday several stores opened at 4am to catch the early crowd. We got to the shopping center at 11am, and evidently missed the entire crowd. If this is any indication of how our economy is going then I predict a rather dismal holiday sales season for the retailers.

This was at Boca Park, a nice shopping center close to the high dollar Summerlin area on the west side. This lot was in front of Linens & Things and the Great Indoors. There is a big Target around the other side, and that lot had a lot of cars. Not much more than a typical Sunday though. We also hit Meadows Mall, one of our few indoor malls, and again the crowd was a typical Sunday crowd, nothing dramatic. Perhaps Friday was busy, but not Sunday.

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