Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday in St. Louis

Exciting day today, I got to stand in the Las Vegas airport security line for an hour, take off my shoes and belt and empty my pockets and have my laptop scanned four times (guess it was a new guy or something), get on a plane and fly three hours to St. Louis. I am in a hotel in the marvelous city of O’Farrell, Missouri typing on a computer in their ‘business center’ (two computers in a closet) at trying to fulfill my blog once a day commitment, so here I am!

We got in just before sunset (J, the programmer that sits behind me came too) picked up a rental car and proceeded to find out just how bad MapQuest directions are in a place neither of us had been before. But, we made it here. There are two restaurants in the area, a Ruby Tuesday and a Country Kitchen. We picked RT, the burger was OK but not as marvelous as the waiter intimated. But then he works for the place, so, … That amounts to the nightlife in O’Farrell. Oh, there is a Starbucks too, so I can at least get some caffeine before going to class tomorrow. We are here for two days to take a technical class on the new software product our convention center is moving to. Neither of us has a good opinion on it, but it was selected by Corporate so we weren’t even asked. We just have to make it work.

I’ll let you know tomorrow what Missouri looks like in the daylight. In the dark it looks like just about anyplace, except for Vegas which at times is flashier at night than in the daytime. Sorry, not pictures or video, for some reason my laptop will not let me in, so I can’t access my list of stuff. You’ll just get words for two days.

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