Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dogs on Tuesday

I started this to compete with Deana’s Cats on Tuesday posts, but now I see that she is including dogs as well as squirrels so I really don’t have much to respond to. And now Brighton is starting to post about dogs as well.

Not many photos to post today. The guys have not been doing anything unusual – well, after a dozen or so years with us it all seems normal now. This is their standard location, holding down our couch. Max is very jealous, and they don’t usually touch, unless it’s Max biting Buster on the butt, so when I see them like this it is unusual

Yes, they sleep in our bed. Or rather, we get to share the big bed with them. They are used to my alarm going off at 5:30 each morning, and somehow have trained us to give them morning treats. I usually give them pieces of soft chewsticks, B gives them chicken tenders. We leave a feeder full of dry food out all the time, but I split packs of soft food on weekends. They have us so well trained in the morning routine that they push us along in the direction of the treat cabinet. If we try to stay in bed they whine or come over and push us with their noses.

And on the weekend if I’m reading the paper and having my coffee they take great pains to inform me that they haven’t yet received their silver dishes with the nice soft food.

Max usually is whining at this point, I found it funny how his tail was making a nice counterpoint beat. Buster just stares. You can here Elmo on tv in the background – no, E was not here at this point, it’s me that likes to watch Sesame Street, always have. Though E leans towards Elmo Grover is my fav, along with Cookie Monster. I can do pretty good imitations of both.

But all in all dogs are much less demanding than kids. I can ignore the cries and wagging tails, but kids screaming are just a little too much. (no direct experience there of course, just speaking hypothetically).

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