Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Local signs

My morning drive to work takes about fifteen minutes. I drive due east on Desert Inn Road, go under the Strip, around the Wynn golf course and into the Team Member Parking Garage out back. Along the way I drive past one of the fancier Gentlemen’s Clubs in town, Vegas has quite a few. This one used to be something else but is now owned by Score’s, the NYC place that Howard Stern seems to love. I haven’t been inside (any of them) but the outside looks like a fantasy version of a Roman palace, with big columns and lots of marble. There is a big billboard out front that sometimes advertises their place but quite often has ads for the competition. Usually there are some semi-dressed young women pictured.

For the past week this sign has advertised something else. It offers secure confidential storage lockers. I am amused by the listings of why you might want to take advantage of it: Divorce, Lawsuits, Theft, and Seizure are listed across the bottom. Along with telling you that no id is required, you can pay in cash, and the rental of such a locker is untraceable. So, let’s see, that means they are looking for people getting a divorce that want to hide assets from their spouse, people that are being sued and again want to hide assets, for the theft part it might be people that don’t want their things stolen but more likely it’s for the thieves as a place to stash the stolen goods safely, or people that haven’t paid their bills or the IRS and want again to hide what they have. Sounds like a good business model to me, there must be quite a market for these services out there.

The next billboard down another block is for one of the aforementioned Gentlemen’s Clubs. This is near the off ramp from DI where the speed picks up, so I haven’t taken the time to read what club is for, plus I am a little distracted by the image. (sorry, traffic is a little much at this location for me to take photos of the signs) This portrays a young woman on her hands and knees crawling toward the viewer, wearing just a thin white low cut drape. I know in any other city the advertisers would be required to put more clothes on this poor girl, but here skin is just skin. From the low cut front of the outfit it appears that some plastic surgeon has made a great deal of money. Howard Stern has talked about how each extra inch equates to several thousand dollars a year more in tips for this type of entertainer, and if that’s the case this woman must be making millions. What goes through my mind as I drive past are visions of a cow, but they probably have smaller udders, and only one. The sign has been up for several months now, maybe if it stays up for a while longer I will eventually look up and finally see what her face is like.

Other local news – a large article in our local paper this morning talked about the death of Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot. Kevin is a local resident, and was found last night in his house. It seems like a lot of performers choose to live in Vegas. I guess it is close enough to LA, but yet provides a little quieter environment (at least off the Strip) with entertainment close at hand. I know I did videos yesterday (yes, Linda has a much nicer voice), but here’s looking back to 1982’s Cum On Feel the Noize.

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