Monday, March 06, 2006

Warm weekend

It was a nice weekend here. Temps were around 70f, and sunny. A few high clouds, due for a cold front to move through so it’s hazy today. These are some planes zipping overhead from LA headed to places back east.

Looks like it’s Spring here. The first flowers, besides the blooms on the trees, are our California poppies:

We planted a packet of poppy seeds last year. They bloomed last spring, and seem to have spread their seeds all over the yard. We have big arcs of plants, so it should be quite a show when they all start blooming.

The other plants that are in bloom are our acacias. We have two varieties, a standard bush and a feathery acacia. The one right outside our kitchen, buy our seating area has been blooming all winter. These are just to the left of the poppy above. You can see a green arc of poppy plants curving in the background.

But with the warmth it is really fragrant. We could smell the sweet scent all over the house (had the doors open all day yesterday). We’ve got about a half dozen acacias scattered around, two of the ones out front are big balls about eight feet in diameter, all of them are covered in yellow flowers like this one. This one is a dwarf variety, so hopefully it will not get over four feet tall. They all went in two years ago when we redid the yard, pretty good growth for such a short time.

We had three tons of flagstones delivered on Friday, and spend the weekend installing them in two areas in back. This is what the delivery looked like:

I took pics of the finished work, have to clean them and upload.

Oh, my anniversary just flew past and I didn’t even notice. February 27 started my second year posting things here.

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