Wednesday, March 29, 2006

At the HIlton

Hey – I’ve finally got some Vegas pictures to post! Looking at the contents of our camera reveals lots of shots of a small person, not much of other things. Oh well, nobody’s complaining.

Last Friday we ventured out to see the play Menopause the Musical at the Hilton. Down in San Diego we went and saw Forever Plaid, a story about four guys singing old songs. This one is four women singing old songs. Songs from the 60’s and 70’s with the words changed around. It was about women growing old, how things change, weight goes on, kids don’t talk to you, mom keeps asking questions, really aimed at women. My wife laughed through the whole thing, I found parts amusing, the younger guy next to us didn’t understand anything at all.

It was put on in one of the Hilton multi purpose rooms. The show we saw was at 7, at 9:30 came the show Dragapella, four guys dressed as women singing. After that the room becomes the Shimmer cabaret – late night partying at one of our new ‘ultra lounges’. Yes, it’s basically a bar with a small stage. Heads in the way, waitresses pushing drinks, but a fair bit of laughter.

The Hilton is one of our middle aged hotel/casinos. It’s where Elvis stayed (in the penthouse of course) and lots of stars used to perform at. Right now Barry Manilow is the headliner. Reba McEntire is coming soon ($138/$225 per ticket), as is Johnny Mathis (remember him?) and Donna Summer. The International Tea Convention is there right now in the convention center area. The main casino area is rather tight

There is a monorail stop at the hotel, it’s close to the big convention center. The ‘big’ thing there is Star Trek – the Experience. You can get a blue drink at Quark’s Bar, experience a ride and show, or even be married by a Borg. One of the main bars, the SpaceQuest Bar, is made up to look like the inside of a spaceship.

I guess if you’re into Star Trek it’s the place to go.

New show on TV last night, Teachers. And who should I find in it but Sarah Alexander, last time I saw her she was in labor on Coupling (give me the f*cking epidural NOW!!). Looks like she crossed over to the US for drivel like this. Come on, the next generation of cute blonds after Felicity Kendall, who is now on some mystery show as the crackpot old lady investigator. At least it's a regular paycheck, until the thing is cancelled. She's the main reason to watch either show. Except perhaps to listen to Jeff make excuses.

OK, can’t get by without having at least one shot.

Standing quite well, learning about steps on the little slide out back, walking while holding on to things, and smiling all the time. Well, at least when I’m there, I understand she does not like hitting the crib for her naps.

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