Wednesday, March 08, 2006

More cute

OK, might as well continue with the cute pictures. No, Rob, not a contest here, please don’t go looking for kitties or something. (no, Brighton, no reference there)

Granddaughter is learning to walk. At ten months old she can pull herself up on things, and scoot around as long as she is holding on – travels from the couch to the end tables on her feet, then has to drop down and crawl to the next chair. Daddy is pushing her, I think when he gets to baby-sit and she starts running away he will regret it.

We got a toy box for when the Swedes came to visit in November, and filled it with stuff to keep them busy. Seems with Eli being able to stand she is enjoying moving the contents from inside the box to outside the box.

I think when she gets it empty she'll climb in, but she hasn't gotten that far yet. Guess grandpa overdoes it with keeping the toybox full.

I haven’t been keeping up with this, but for Clare (even though she is gone on a TEN WEEK vacation to the south of Africa) let’s do three things to be happy for:

1. Having kids around to do amusing things.
2. The kids being grandkids, so that they can be spoiled and sent home to mom.
3. Small kids that are smiling and happy and pleasant to be around. (I know, just wait until she’s a teen-ager, or even sooner when she hits the ‘terrible twos’).

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