Friday, March 03, 2006

Another Friday

I’m listening on the internet to a French radio station right now. Most of the local stations have too many advertisements, and all seem to play the same music over and over. When we visited France a few years ago I found a few stations I liked, and found that there are a lot of international stations available on the web. Plus, since I don’t understand French, listening to the DJs and advertisements do not distract me from whatever work I’m doing. Lisa suggested BBC radio 6 to pick up on some newer British stuff, so I have been hitting that site in the afternoon, when the French station switches to a call in talk/advise format with no music.

Anyway, the on screen advertisements talk about an interview with Nadiya. The description of her uses the word ‘pétillante’ which does not seem to have a direct English translation (the power of web sites), but comes out to mean ‘fizzy’ or ‘effervescent’. That sounds like a really nice way to describe somebody. I wish I came across as having an effervescent, fizzy personality.

Oh, some new blogs on my list. I have them in my ‘favorites’ but figured this way it would be easier to hit them – there’s Waiter's story and Choogles. I don’t know what she would rather be called, but from here notes that’s one of her dad’s names for her, and it sounds kind of neet. Choogles, Choogles, come on, I need a song to insert that into. Dana or Beth, anything come to mind that would be fitting? I know there is the obvious Credence one, but maybe something more subtle.

And thanks to Rob I now have a local clock. I like things that move and change and sparkle (as if you couldn’t tell). Now I just have to work on that new graphic for up top. I’ve got a Vegas themed one I just need to put some time into. Maybe tonight – B is off grandchild-sitting while the kids hit Avenue Q at the Wynn. We need to go soon, it’s closing to make space for Spamalot. I’ve got a list of shows to see: Penn & Teller (again), as I’ve got free passes for donating blood, Avenue Q, O (again, ‘cause it was so nice), Blue Man Group, Rita Rudner (has to be soon, she wraps up at NY NY next month), and a feather show, either at Bally’s, which offers a go-behind-the-scenes extra, or topless at the Flamingo, just to say I did. Problem is, most of these are $85-100 per person. So that’s a lot of bucks.

And thanks to Deanna for going all political. I know she has problems with doing that, her husband being a judge and all, but with only a 39% approval rating more people should be ranting against W. I just wish the damn Democrats would get off of their butts and pull something together. I wish there was some way to throw them all the heck out and bring in a new bunch of idiots.

Local news: Paula Abdul, two items. She comes to Vegas a lot, and seems really scatterbrained. A few months ago she was staying at the Silverton, was running late, and called the front desk and told them (didn’t ask, told them) to change her plane reservation. Well, I don’t know about hotels elsewhere, some of the fancy places do have a concierge desk that will do stuff for you, but the Silverton doesn’t. So the front desk clerk said she’d try, then the clerk was inundated by a busload of checkins. Paula finally made it to the airport and found she did not have a reservation. She eventually got the two clerks on duty at the Silverton fired. This week she is here staying at the Silverton again. Yesterday she made it to the airport late for her flight. Supposedly some fans stopped her for autographs, an airport staffer pulled her through some back corridors past security and onto the plane. When the plane arrived there was an announcement that somebody had bypassed security and everybody on the plane had to stay on, and be escorted through the advanced security checks before they could leave.

Now that second one is just as much a negative against the Homeland Security airport standards – I thought security was to prevent somebody from hijacking a plane. If the plane makes it to the destination, evidently it was not hijacked, so why do people have to go through security before leaving? All I could imagine is that some people might stay in the airport and change planes, thus being on another flight without hitting security, and be able to cause harm to that one. But why not just escort everyone back past the gates, and make the ones that have other planes go through normal security checking, while others just leave? Incompetence? But Paula can still be blamed for that one, emphasized by 9/11 stupidities.

So it looks like Paula Abdul has punctuality problems. I wonder if they have to hold up taping the TV shows waiting for her? Since she’s here so much and our local gossip columnist is looking out for her, I look forward to more stories.

Other news: yesterday they announced the most expensive house sale that went through a real estate agent. The story starts three years ago, when a woman was spotted in a Ferrari. She was approached by a Ferrari admirer, they talked, the admirer gave her his business card (he’s a real estate agent). A few months ago she and husband decided to move to Vegas, which resulted in a ‘wait – I have the business card of an agent’. Main specification: new house must have an indoor basketball court. OK, I know what you’re thinking – why the heck would anybody want their own indoor basketball court, and how many houses have one? Well, evidently a 35,000 square foot (3250 sq meters) $ 15,000,000 house in Vegas has one, along with an indoor pool and indoor tennis courts, and a lot more of everything. So the agent ends up with a $492,000 commission check. Says he might consider buying his own Ferrari now. That’s not the most expensive house sold in Vegas, just the most expensive one where an agent got a commission. How many houses could I buy for that commission check? Of course, that’s before paying income taxes, but I’d like to bring in a half mil before taxes. No, not spread over dozens of years, all at once.

Oh, B just emailed, our 3 tons of rock has just been delivered - I know what I'll be doing this weekend. That's about 300 sq ft of back yard that will take new pavers and stepping stones. I better take pictures for this one. If any of you need yard design and installation, let me know. Seems like I'm doing a lot of it. Still have to decide on what is wanted in the front courtyard. Besides pavers that will take the overhead as well as the big french doors. Lots of hours (and sore back) in that one.

And just to supply at least one image, I didn’t note who posted this one first, DA, was that you? But it fits for my Friday, just a fun week.

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