Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Five things (again)

Five Weird Things About Me:

(I think I did this already)

1. I like to play with toy trains.

2. I'd rather sit at home and watch an old Busby Berkely movie than go out.

3. When we go out, my favorite thing to do is hit a good restaurant and have a slow, long meal talking with friends, lingering over coffee and dessert. (yes, I do tip big to make up for the time I keep a table)

4. I do most of the cooking at my house (and make a killer chocolate cake) but B handles the BBQ - I make everything 'well done': really 'well' (think charcoal).

5. I live in Vegas but don't gamble or smoke (almost two requirements for living here).

Sorry if they are the same answers as before, I don't remember when, but that's the way things are. And a real big thanks to Virginia Gal for making me do this. I just love these things. (Yes Lisa, there's that irony font again).

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