Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Spring's here?

I looked at the weather report in our local paper, and yesterday in Rochester, NY it was high of 49, low of 38. After living there for several years I always tend to compare things to Rochester – it’s a pretty city, but the weather is horrible. Being next to the lake, and so far north, the cloud cover comes in sometimes during late October and we didn’t see the sun until May. It almost always snows before Thanksgiving, and below zero was standard for several months. After college I got a job with Xerox, and they sent me on a contract to Phoenix. When that was over, just before Christmas, I went back to Rochester, from warm weather to an airport closed because of a snowstorm. I gave my boss two weeks, and was transferred to LA. Never looked back – well, I did look back but never desired to move back. Visited Rochester last year, first time in over twenty five years, and still had no desire to return.
LV was 99/67 yesterday – almost Rochester times two. It was supposed to hit 100 – which it did at our house. We are about three miles from the airport, which is the official measurement location. We usually vary from there by about three degrees. Today is scheduled for 98, and dropping down to a high of 84 by the weekend. Looks like spring is here. Summer is when it gets over 100 every day, which should happen by the end of May. LV gets over 100 days of over 100 degrees. At least it cools off at night, when it gets to 115 in the afternoon it usually drops to 85 at night. Yes, it sounds hot but at least it’s a 30 degree difference. When Rochester would hit 80 it would cool off at night down to 79. With the bugs and humidity it still seemed rather warm.
Nothing big here, I’m trying to take photos of the desert plants in bloom, but need to walk around the neighborhood to get some shots of ocotillos, which are nice orange right now. Here’s a shot of the local orchid trees, nice pink blooms, with the yellow bird of paradise in the foreground.

In colder springs the flowers come out before the green leaves, but this year it warmed up early and the trees turned green first.
Oh, here’s a link to one of my favorite movies – Monty Python’s Meaning of Life.
Please, just have one thin little mint.

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