Sunday, May 16, 2004

Backyard work

Looks like I will have a challenge in updating this during the week - fifty hours a day sitting at a computer doing someone else's work kind of leaves me coming home and not wanting to do mine. So, I'll overload on the weekends. Still have some customers to do stuff for then.
Showing my backyard in progress - here's a shot that I really liked:

All those butts in the air, and nairy a crack to be seen.
We have the steel up along the kitchen walkway. It looks pretty good. Should provide a lot of nice shady areas for sitting this summer. We were outside having breakfast, drinking coffee, and reading the paper this morning. It's really nice here in the morning - around 74F this morning, but already up to 90 now at noon. Give it another month and noon will bring 100. Today sitting in the shade of the house - the sun is still low enough that the house shades that area early enough. But the covering is needed during the day, and in the summer it'll be up early.
And current work:

Here's my son welding the bottom plate on to one of the verticals, with some other steel laying around. In the background is our raised bed veggie garden - the tomatoes are pretty high, and we've got a bunch of golf ball sized tomatoes. Time to fertilize. Makes it look like Vegas is green, with all of the trees in the distance. Most of the houses in our area were built in the late 70's, so there's almost thirty years of plant growth, when water was cheap and people tried to replicate wherever they came from. The neighbor behind us (behind that wall there) has lots of roses. They look great now, but are already showing signs of heat stress. The next bloom will probably be in November, after it cools off again. Our peaches are already getting large, I better pick off most of them so the remainder will get big. Left them all on last year, and none were larger than small apricots, and not very good.
And, back to work, I showed my office earlier, but here's a shot from my desk of my manager at his desk -

he gets two monitors - and my boss. I'm impressed with his speed and attitude - I've never sent in a resume, had an interview, and been on the payroll all within an hour. Looks like when something needs to be done he'll do it. I'll keep you posted on how this keeps up as time goes by.

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