Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Late night winds

In the middle of NYPD tonight (almost said Hill Street Blues, but Spiowitz is still there). It's down to 78F, and I guess we are used to LV because that feels cold - pulling on the long sleeve shirts and blankets for the bed. The wind is really really blowing - the vents are rattling, blinds banging, and I guess we'll find all of the plastic furniture in the pool again, and our trash cans down the street. I still am not used to the frequent breezes here.
We've got some Solari bells hanging outside, and it's a good thing they are made of brass. I've had to replace some clappers that were torn off by the wind already. So we go to sleep listening to the bells, and the wind looking for gaps in our roof, and the rattle of the chairs as they go by.
Max, our vicious dog, is really going crazy tonight. He pretends to be the tough guy, barking at everything and chasing the birds around, but when there is something he doesn't understand he falls apart. Right now he's under my legs shivering like crazy. He's been following me around, scared of the wind and the noises. I spent the day fixing the swamp coolers for the new season - new pipes, fittings and pumps. I opened the vents (we've got two swamp coolers on the roof) and now the wind is just blowing down, making really neet noises. Rattling the metal sides of the coolers, and making it sound like one of those haunted houses on TV.
Short detour - new dress fashion in Japan. Looks interesting, like those T shirts a few years ago painted to look like you were wearing a bikini.

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