Sunday, May 09, 2004


Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with things here – I haven’t turned on the computer in a while. Been delayed –
I talked about working on our back yard. Well, here’s what it looks like behind the house since the concrete has been poured:

That’s Buster just walking by – the guys seem to like the hard surface for walking. They liked the grass better, but not the dirt. We plan on a large covering for the patio area, Las Vegas is much nicer in the shade. It might be 115 in the shade, but in the sun it seems so much more.
Anyway, last week we finally got a delivery:

That’s the steel framing and covering for the patio area. The silver items are C purlins, for the horizontal framework that the cover is bolted to. The dark items to the left are 4x4 steel posts that are the verticals. The corrugated stuff in the center is for the roofing, it's tan on top (really Desert Beige) and white underneath.
We put in over 1200 square feet of concrete, and plan on covering it all. Along side the house is a five foot walkway, the cover will shade the kitchen and laundry room windows. There is a big area by the new breakfast room doors, and the large area across the back of the house (in the top picture it's 55 feet wide and 15 feet deep). I’ll post in work photos.
My oldest son is a union carpenter, just moved to Vegas and is staying with us for a while. He also has a welder, and is putting together the framework. We’ve been cutting and welding steel this week, and painting, and setting studs in the concrete to hold the verticals.

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