Sunday, May 30, 2004

Desert gardens

After a little side tracking last time, let's get back to some tourist stuff in Las Vegas.
We went and walked around the desert demonstration gardens. It's built by the Las Vegas Valley Water District to demonstrate how nice low water gardens can be. They are in the process of building a new facility across the street from the present location, and will be calling it the Desert Springs Preserve. It's located where the original springs were back when LV was nothing but a water stop in the desert.
We are paterning our yard on some areas of the gardens. The section I like the best is the patio area right by the front gate.

These are the same trees that we planted, and in a few years hopefully our yard will be as nice.
We put in a big acacia, like this one, that blooms yellow in the spring.

Ours went in in November, but they bloomed somewhat already this year. After establishing themselves and getting a little bigger they should look nice next year.
We don't have any cactus going in, but my wife bought some more grasses and purple sage to scatter around.

This is the cactus section at the desert gardens.
We found this one on our way out to the Valley of Fire last month.

I put it up then, but thought it still looked nice.
Work on our yard is progressing. We put up another section today, and my son screwed down the roofing as it was getting dark. But here is what a steel yard looks like in operation.

Lots of work to do, but the shade will be nice.


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