Thursday, May 13, 2004

New Job

Well, I finally did it. We've been here for a year, and I've been working for old customers in SD. Most of those projects are finished, and I've been looking for new customers here in LV. Haven't figured out how to get them yet, most of my SD business was from referrals, so I am starting to join clubs here to get known. (I'm a computer consultant - write custom programs for small businesses).
In SD when jobs were thin I used to get full time jobs, or through a placement agency that used me as a consultant. Figured it was time to move to that mode here a while back, so I listed with a few places like Robert Half Consulting, and other temp agencies. Evidently not much FoxPro work in Vegas, most of the listings are for .net programmers. I took classes, but it's not on my resume.
So, I responded to some ads in Sunday's paper for help wanted. Emailed my resume to one, and got a phone call about two minutes later. I went in that afternoon (yesterday) at 3:30, and by 4 was on the payroll. I've never been pulled in so fast, this company had two Fox people leave and were desperate. They are converting from Fox applications to .net because it is so hard to find Fox programmers. (which comes first, the Fox applications or the Fox programmers?) But they will be training me in .net, so after this I should have no problem doing work for other companies around here. That's the direction Microsoft is pushing for, so I might as well learn it on someone else's dime. And it gets on my resume.
The pay is better than my last full time gig in SD, but after working at home for the past three years it's a shock to get up early and sit somewhere else all day.

That's my chair, not even a cubicle but at least a desk.

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