Saturday, May 15, 2004

Shatner sings!

I got so carried away with the last post that I just had to find more...
Back in 1968 William Shatner (Captain Kirk to some of us) recorded the album 'The Transformed Man'. After visiting these sites I now have to get a copy. But Amazon lists four copies, from $79 to $499, and I'm too cheap. If anyone has one, please let me know!!!
For those of you with courage, start at Clive Banks site for Shatner sings!. If you go, some of the graphics are strange, to listen be sure to click on the small start arrow on the upper left side.
To just view some strange stuff there is the Church of Shatnerology!
Thanks to Google, here's a page with a few good sounds including two of Shatner's songs.
And finally there's A few bad sounds - with this background music I couldn't stay long enough to hear much.
And again, there 's Spock Sings! - I can't get enough of that video!!!

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