Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Three things

Back to more positive things, I think I’ll try a more friendly approach for a while, and try not to be too controversial (since it doesn’t do much good anyway). So, back to Clare’s three things:

1. A sweet cup of iced coffee after work, sitting out on my back patio reading Harry Potter book #4 again, to get familiar with things in preparation for the new movie (tomorrow!) and last book (two weeks!!) And yes, I do sit outside in the evening after work, and the temp yesterday was 43c when I was out there.
2. Watching our dog Max chase the pigeons away from under the bird feeder. I put out seeds, and only smaller birds can sit on the small pegs, with pigeons underneath grabbing the seeds that fall. Max is about the same size as the birds, but they all scatter when he runs over. But they just fly up to the wires overhead, and come back down as he starts to walk away.
3. Watching Max run from one side of the back yard around the house to the other as he barks at other dogs being walked down the street. He vocally protects his yard from intrusions, and it seems to be working as no other dog has yet opened the gate and come in back.

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