Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Three political things

With apologies to Clare for converting her Three Things but still putting up three:

1. 33% of the country supports President Bush and thinks that he is doing a good job. I find it very impressive that somebody can continue to keep happy such a small minority of the people he is supposed to represent while continuing to ‘stay the course’ and do whatever he damn well wants to do.
2. 26% of the country supports our current congress. Equally impressive is such a body that was elected because they were going to change things, and we find that all we have is a new group that still plays by the old rules. Pork Barrel Projects that supposedly were going to disappear? More money than ever is being earmarked for specific single purpose things. Out of Iraq? This is the most ridiculous keeping of a promise: all night sessions for publicity? Why not get off your butt and do something. Less corruption with Democrats than Republicans? Hah!
3. 29% of Iraqi citizens want the US military to stay in their country. It looks like Mr. Bush has fairly shipped our democratic government over there as he promised – that such a small minority of the population can force their will onto the rest rings of a great democracy, and fairly falls in line with support over here as well.

So Clare, these are definitely not beautiful things. Sorry to so pervert your loverly tradition in this manner, but the similarities of these numbers just impressed me.

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