Monday, July 02, 2007

Sporting goods

Pamela Anderson celebrated her 40th birthday over the weekend. She is currently here in Vegas working as an assistant in a magic show at the Planet Hollywood (formerly the Aladdin), which is also where her party was held. As Norm, our local gossip columnist, explained it "A tickled-pink Pamela Anderson celebrated her 40th birthday Las Vegas-style: amid wall-to-wall pink flowers, a sparkler-topped pink cake and enough champagne to float a small boat". I’m just wondering two things: Which 40th birthday is this, and I’m impressed a woman like that admits to not being 39 anymore. At least she had ex Tommy Lee and her two kids there as well.

I’ve got a dozen photos from the Wynn, but will probably put those up later in the week. Today let’s spend some time at the recent sporting goods show. I am always impressed with the little companies that are at these shows, trying to make an entry into the big world with one product. There are also companies that have been around for a while that specialize in something, showing off a dozen varieties of the same thing. There were booths at this show filled with nothing but baseballs, others with just baseball gloves, others with karate uniforms, you get the idea – all flavors of the same stuff.

Our weather report has been revised - upwards. Fourth of July Wedensday is supposed to top out at 116f. But again, it should warm up to nice levels near the end of the month, usually our warmest time.

This booth had nothing but slippers. The same slippers, emblazoned with the logos of your favorite teams.

I guess there are guys out there that surround themselves with team stuff – I see enough being sold. So you can get slippers, lounge chairs, even pool tables with team logos instead of green felt.

Here are boxing gloves in assorted colors. Somehow some shoes snuck onto the bottom shelf.

This is a Chinese company that made balls. These are those big exercise balls that you roll on or sit on, some have handles that you hold onto while bouncing around.

As you can see, the Chinese exhibitors did not spend a lot of money on booth decorations.

If you want to start a gym then there were lots of machines available.

For something a little different, there was a booth with sports kilts. Somehow I just can’t imagine the New York Yankees running around the field dressed in these things. Or even Mike Tyson, as they seem to be pushing boxing. Maybe rugby, makes those pileups more interesting to be in, if you are that kind of guy.

But for most of the employees here this was the booth that we were looking for.

When there are shows we get free food – and this is our favorite chef. Get to know him and you’ll get a nice pile of roast beef (or turkey breast), mashed potatoes and gravy and veggie.

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