Friday, July 06, 2007

E Friday

Yes, D, when E was here last week and it was HOT we did take her outside. It seemed that no matter how much water we put out there we just could not make that duck turn cold. But E seemed to like it anyway, it was a little different than Portland. I made a little sprinkler thing last summer that she liked – some plastic pipe with small holes that squirted up little streams of water. She played in the grass and ran through the water.

She seemed to enjoy it – but then again, it only got up to 102 or so when she was here.

It hit 116f yesterday (around 46c), after work I sat outside and drank some iced coffee and read the paper, but I will say it was a little hot.

E played with her rubber ducks in the water – takes them for rides on the swing, and lets them swim around in the bathtub.

And again, she still knows how to ‘smile for the camera’

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